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Digital Catalogs

Premier catalog solution with unparalleled analytic capabilities.

Let's face it, static catalogs aren't cutting it. Create shoppable and interactive digital publications that will boost KPIs across the board with Publicator.

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digital publications and analytics

Convert your PDF.
Make it interactive.
Publish it.
Track & measure.

Transform traditional PDFs (catalogs, magazines brochures, etc.) into fully interactive digital experiences that outperform the status quo. So you can save time and money, drive up your ROI, and free up bandwidth for creative strategy.

Running a small shop? Not a problem. Even one person can onboard, design, edit, and publish digital catalogs, look books, and buying guides quickly — without coding skills, relying on costly third parties, or monopolizing the time of your developers. 

You can upload existing catalogs PDFs and digitize them in minutes. Your new digital publications will tie in natively to your existing CMS and can be embedded anywhere on your website. 

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digital publications and analytics

The most agile and interactive digital content platform on the market.

With Publicator, bring your print materials from offline to top of mind with interactive and shoppable digital publications.

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Create captivating, interactive, and fully trackable digital publications.

Engage with your audience on a whole new level with interactive content. 

Publicator ties in natively with any CMS

Convert your PDFs into digital catalogs and magazines in minutes. Embed the new digital publication onto your website with native integration for a seamless customer experience.

Creator experience
Creator experience

Trade your traditional static PDFs for dynamic experiences that resonate.

Let us show you how Publicator can inject speed, profit, and interactivity into your customer's experience.

Or, go beyond publication upgrades and checkout Creator, our full content suite that transforms static content into digital experiences that convert.

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Creator experience
Creator experience