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MSC Cruises Pioneers Travel Industry’s Use of A Digital Publishing Platform

October 31st, 2014 | 2 min. read

MSC Cruises Pioneers Travel Industry’s Use of A Digital Publishing Platform Blog Feature

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With 12 cruise ships and hundreds of itineraries worldwide, MSC Cruises thinks big. That’s why the company pioneered the travel industry’s use of a digital publishing platform in 2011 by signing on with Zmags. Since then, MSC Cruises has expanded its digital content strategy by embedding digital versions of its engaging print brochures directly into its own and travel agents’ websites—a move that has expanded their reach and saved costs by decreasing the number of print publications the company produces each year. It is critical for MSC to make its destination brochures available online because most cruise customers take weeks to investigate cruise options, and rely on mobile and social outlets, like Facebook, for online research. MSC Cruises formerly provided web-based information to potential customers with internally developed, Flash-based PDF builders. The challenge? The Flash PDFs were not cross-platform enabled. Zmags’ Publicator digital publishing platform has solved this problem. Built in HTML5, the MSC Cruises brochures deliver a consistent experience across channels and platforms, which is a critical component since MSC’s international customers use different devices, platforms and standards. Since it began using the Publicator Platform, MSC Cruises has produced 280 live publications pushed across 25 websites in 43 countries and in 18 languages. “Zmags is committed to excellent customer service and continuous product improvement, and this gives us a great deal of confidence in the platform,” noted MSC Corporate Mobile Marketing Manager & Web Architect Antonello Fabozzi. “The release of the HTML5-based viewer was a huge upgrade in performance, and it has let us take our publications to the next level.” MSC’s web content pageviews have increased by 22.7 million since implementing the Zmags solution. MSC also embeds publications as an app on its Facebook pages and has seen significant engagement on that platform as well. Since partnering with Zmags to reach a wider audience across multiple channels, MSC Cruise digital brochures have gained traction and have improved customer engagement, boasting more than 51.3 million digital publication page views and over 1.2 million unique visits since 2011. MSC’s new 102-page digital brochure includes stunning photography, in-depth explanations of the company’s experiences tailored to suit the needs of its guests, detailed pricing and other information to help travelers plan their adventure. Going forward, MSC plans to provide greater access to its digital assets offline, which will help the company serve customers and prospects in countries that lack ubiquitous Internet access. About Zmags Zmags unlocks new revenue opportunities for retailers and marketers by delivering fully-branded, commerce-enabled digital catalogs and publications that are consistent across all consumer channels. The Zmags platform provides an immersive digital environment that invites discovery, deepens customer engagement and allows streamlined purchasing directly from the page. Zmags works with innovative leaders in retail, digital agencies, finance, travel/tourism and manufacturing, with current customers including MSC Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, Scandanavian Airlines, the German National Tourist Board, and Visit Scotland. The company is headquartered in Boston, Mass. with offices in London and Copenhagen. For more information about Zmags, please visit www.Zmags.com or follow us on Twitter: @Zmags. About MSC Cruises MSC Cruises is the market leading cruise company in the Mediterranean, South Africa and Brazil and operates across the globe. MSC Cruises sails year-round in the Mediterranean and in the Caribbean and offers a wide range of seasonal itineraries in northern Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, the French Antilles, South America, Southern Africa, as well as in Dubai, the Emirates and Oman. Its modern fleet comprises twelve ships: Fantasia-class MSC Preziosa, MSC Divina, MSC Splendida and MSC Fantasia; Musica-class MSC Magnifica, MSC Poesia, MSC Orchestra, and MSC Musica; Lirica-class MSC Sinfonia, MSC Armonia, MSC Opera and MSC Lirica. MSC Cruises is the only company in the world to receive the “7 Golden Pearls” award from the Bureau Veritas in recognition of its high level of quality management and environmental responsibility. MSC has also achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certification for the quality and food safety of all aspects of its catering, both on shore and on board. MSC Cruises believes that global leadership brings increased responsibility towards the physical and human environments in which it operates. As such, MSC entered in a long-term partnership with UNICEF in 2009 to support educational programmes for children in Brazil. The partnership was renewed early 2014, this time to support UNICEF’s efforts to tackle famine and malnutrition in developing countries and in emergency situations. Since the beginning of the partnership, MSC collected three million euros in MSC guests’ donations .   To learn more, visit www.msccruises.com.