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Creator™ by Zmags Launches the New Standard for Shoppable Email

May 10th, 2021 | 1 min. read

Creator™ by Zmags Launches the New Standard for Shoppable Email Blog Feature

Justin McCoubry

Justin is the Vice President of Marketing at Creator by Zmags. His focus has been on creating unique brand experiences and developing growth strategies.

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May 5, 2021 | Boston, MA -- Creator™ by Zmags, transforming how customers experience digital commerce everywhere, today announced the launch of Creator™ Interactive Email, the latest addition to the Creator™ Content Solutions Suite. The Suite is designed to give marketers and eCommerce professionals a competitive edge in creating shoppable experiences that convert customers.

The first of its kind interactive and shoppable email solution, Interactive Email allows brands to break free from static email templates. By using the platform, choosing between creative vision or functionality doesn’t have to be a tradeoff. Adding dynamic merchandizing and rich interactivity – such as opacity and image swap – to any email design is now a reality. Emails can be published to email service providers (ESPs) in minutes, without coding.

“Email is a powerful tool and can really convert customers when done correctly,” said Zmags CEO, Dave Powell. “We’ve designed a truly unique product in the marketplace that significantly shortens the path to purchase from email. With Creator Interactive Email marketers can rethink the power of their email campaigns with interactivity that drives revenue.”

Interactive Email revolutionizes how brands increase conversions, decrease bounce rates, and make sure no carts go abandoned. With the ability to sync with most ESPs, businesses can easily develop emails utilizing features such as unlimited hotspots and multiple buttons per hero banner. These features get customers to interact with content in those first few seconds, ensuring they click and convert faster.

“Simply put, Creator Interactive Email is a game changer,” said Ryan Breen, Zmags Chief Technology Officer. “We set out to make it as easy as possible for eCommerce businesses to get the most out of their emails. Between our support across the ESP market and our intuitive capabilities, businesses can start sending emails almost immediately.”

The launch comes as Zmags unveiled a new website to further highlight how the Creator Content Solutions Suite can help brands create engaging content and interactive end-to-end experiences that exponentially amplify revenue impact.

Explore the product features of Interactive Email.