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Godiva Uses Technology to Elevate Online Customer Experience

May 3rd, 2016 | 0 min. read

Godiva Uses Technology to Elevate Online Customer Experience Blog Feature

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Ecommerce officials at Godiva Chocolatier wanted to significantly elevate the online customer experience through conversational and lifestyle-driven digital experiences that engage their customers as a part of the Godiva brand experience. Given Godiva’s small team, it had been limited in its ability to create and launch experiential content equipped with robust digital functionality. According to Christine O’Brien, site merchandise manager who manages Godiva’s digital campaigns, the company has a growing customer demand to learn more about Godiva’s heritage, product quality, and production process, along with interactive content such as recipes and entertaining tips. Godiva struggled to launch this scope of digital content on a regular basis, according to a case study with Zmags, the shoppable content company. To expand content in 2016, Godiva needed a scalable solution to generate rich content for an elevated site experience, which meant getting content up faster and making it easier to any member of the team to design and publish amazing experiences without any need to code. Enter Zmags Creator. “Creator has enabled our small team to make a big impact,” O’Brien said. “We’re now delivering more elevated experiences for our customers online, while at the same time dramatically reducing the effort needed to create those experiences.” This article was originally published in Loyalty 360 on May 3, 2016. Read the full article here.