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2018 E-Commerce Tech Preview: 15 Expert Insights

September 28th, 2017 | 1 min. read

2018 E-Commerce Tech Preview: 15 Expert Insights Blog Feature

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The excerpt below comes from Retail TouchPoints' 2018 E-Commerce Tech Preview: Insights from 15 Industry Experts.  View the complete report here or read the embedded PDF below. 

Brands that React Quickly to Cultural Trends will Gain Relevance in 2018

Brian Rigney, Zmags News, entertainment, and social are monopolizing a majority of shoppers’ digital eyes 24/7. For retailers to get even a minute of that attention, they must make themselves part of those cultural stories. Retailers who quickly adapt their digital content in response to the latest pop culture events will elevate their brand before the consumer’s eyes. To do this, however, they’ll need to combine creativity and nimbleness. Unlike the seasonal changes retail marketers brace for each year, they can’t anticipate or prepare for a pop culture phenomenon. But, brands need to act quickly to take advantage of digital or real-world events. The first brands to take advantage of these events are the ones who reap the benefits, and make a statement in the digital sphere. The fresher the content, the greater the reward.