Static email is not enough.

Introducing Creator™ Interactive Email - the world's first and only truly interactive and shoppable email solution.

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Case study - interactive email

Break free from limited, traditional email.

All emails are created equal, right? Wrong.

Differentiate your brand and break through all the inbox noise with shoppable and interactive email.

Accelerate traffic and sales generated by email channels with capabilities that engage your recipients, shorten the path to purchase, and turbocharge conversions.

Oh, and it'll take less time than you're spending building emails now. Seriously.

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Case study - interactive email

The only shoppable email on the market that truly drives conversions.

Check it out for yourself by clicking on our Interactive Email product tour below. 

Take the 5-minute self-guided tour of our Interactive Email tool in Creator.

The tour itself is built in Creator, super cool right!

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Rethink the power of your email channel.

Your emails can, and should, be doing more to help you meet your revenue targets.

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Create it. Merchandize it. Send it. Faster.

The Creator platform changes the game for marketers looking to get more out of their emails. 

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Rigid templates are dead.

Upload a fully designed email, or build from scratch in less than an hour. With Creator's easy-to-use platform, design emails freely without feeling trapped by templates.

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CTAs where you want them.

No need to compromise creativity to prioritize merchandizing capabilities. You can have both.

Add animations, interactivity, multiple buttons, and shoppable hot spots to any email design, shortening the path to sale and ensure your customers get to the product they want faster.


Publish and send, seamlessly.

Snag your code, paste it in your ESP, and send in seconds. No additional coding knowledge necessary.

Seriously, it's that easy.

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End-to-end experiences do more for you.

From emails and social, to your website and web content, customers are experiencing your brand across many channels. It's time to bridge the gaps.


Your email should do more.

Let us show you how to enhance your strategy to generate exponentially more revenue through email.

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