3 Ways Legacy DXPs Fail eCommerce Brands

... and What to Use Instead

3 Ways Legacy DXPs Fail eCommerce Brands

Learn how the right digital experience platform can future-proof your tech stack.

This guide explains what a digital experience platform (DXP) is, what it can do for your brand, challenges, and shifts to be aware of it in the DXP landscape, and what to look for in your ideal DX solution.

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3 Ways Legacy DXPs Fail eCommerce Brands

No dev support needed. No coding required. No creative compromising necessary.

Creator empowers the marketer in a way that no DXP has before - with options to bring any creative idea to life, one click publishing, and complete control, so you can easily optimize or make changes at any time.


Here are 3 important factors you should consider when evaluating a DXP:

time and value Time to value: The length of time to implement, onboard, and publish digital experiences. 

a focus on ROI A focus on ROI: Features that drive sales and ensure loyalty by making the shopping experience enjoyable for customers. 

empowering marketers Empowering marketers: Complete control of the content, the publishing process, and ongoing optimization. 

DXPs have become a vital addition to eCommerce tech stacks as 80% of brands that prioritize the customer experience having reported revenue increases and 84% of customers say the experience of interacting with a company is just as important to them as the products and services the company provides.

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