Introducing Creator Interactive Email - the world's first and only truly interactive and shoppable email solution.

Digitize your catalogs

Let's face it, static catalogs aren't cutting it. Deliver the personalized shopping experience your customers demand with Publicator, part of the Creator Content Solutions Suite.

Create dynamic digital experiences that boost every KPI over print or PDF.

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Craft immersive customer journeys with shoppable publications

Transform traditional catalogs and magazines into fully interactive digital experiences that outperform the status quo, hands down. So you can save time and money, drive up your ROI, and free up bandwidth for creative strategy.

Running a small shop? Not a problem. Even one person can onboard, design, edit, and publish digital catalogs, look books and buying guides quickly — without coding skills, relying on costly third parties or monopolizing the time of your developers.

Though, if you do have developers, give ‘em a high-five for us.

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Deliver shopping satisfaction at the speed of today's eCommerce

Say hello to a more rewarding catalog shopping experience—for everyone.

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The most agile and interactive digital catalog platform on the market

With Publicator, bring your print materials from offline to top of mind with interactive and fully shoppable digital catalogs.


Easy-add interactivity.

Enrich PDFs easily with dynamic elements like animations, video embeds, hotspot links, pop-up content, lightboxes, iframes, and even eCommerce quick views.

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Catalogs published quickly.

There's a new way to get digital catalogs done. Publish your flipbook in seconds, and easily customize the look and feel to your unique brand. Tag your digital magazine for SEO or make it password-protected.

Link tracking

Robust Analytics.

Track your content’s performance, from traffic sources to conversions. You can even view heatmaps showing where readers click and zoom in.

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Trade your traditional catalogs for dynamic experiences that convert.

Let us show you how Publicator can inject speed, profit, and interactivity into your catalog experience.

Or, go beyond publication upgrades and checkout Creator, our full content suite that transforms static content into digital experiences that convert.

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