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Customer Platform Package Tiers

Customer Suport

Every Creator™ by Zmags customer has access to:


Customer Support via Email & Phone

US: 4AM - 6PM (EST) Mon-Fri +1 (855)224-4426

UK: 9AM - 11PM (GMT) Mon-Fri +44 2036 957 691

Email: support@zmags.com

Response time is under 8 business hours. 


Knowledgebase & Community

Access to the Creator Community with all advice on best practices, training videos, FAQs, and articles.


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Customer Platform Package Tiers

Discover What You Get With Elite

Customers with the Elite tier package get benefits such as priority response for support and Annual Health Checks to ensure all your continued success and advice on design best practices. 

PLUS, the ability to transform any design file into a digital experience in a fraction of the time it takes to build in any platform editor. 

Your Success Manager & Onboarding Strategy

Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) is your point of contact that will connect you to the right teams and support network. They'll not only provide a personalized onboarding process to ensure that you reach your targets, they are also a wealth of knowledge that will empower you to exceed your KPIs.

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Typically, this onboarding strategy will take 30 days to complete. It's designed to get the platform users acquainted with the platform-tools and proficient in publishing workflows to achieve your initial goals with Creator.​ In addition, your CSM will schedule regular meetings to help strategically plan your content strategy for optimal success, providing industry best practices and inspiration.

Typical Content Progression

stage 1 - crawl


During the first 30 days, you'll start the initial platform training. You'll learn about best practices and workflows​ and create your first site experience against your marketing and business objectives. Usually a simple shoppable homepage banner or a simple landing page.

stage 2 - walk


During the first 60 days, you'll be creating content at an advanced level. While demonstrating proficiency developing use cases and more sophisticated content creation skills, you'll be publishing carousels,​ experiences within experiences, and even a single answer quiz.

stage 3 - run


At 90 days, we'll conduct the first Executive Business Review (EBR) with key stakeholders, analyze the results of published experiences, and measure value objectives. You'll be building sophisticated and dynamic content using QuickViews, anchor points, quizzes, parallax, and more.

stage 4 - fly


At the 6 month mark, we'll conduct an operations midyear review to help you continuously optimize the value of Zmags. At this point, the superusers on your team will be able to bring any creative vision to life, and we can help you strategize your content strategy.

Creator Community

Creator Community

The Creator Community is full of content creating rockstars. It's the go-to place for inspiration, best practices, and to get all your questions answered from the industry-leading brands using Creator. As an excellent source of information and inspiration for our platform users, you can expect to find:

  • Our Support Gurus replying to queries
  • FAQs & answers
  • New training videos
  • Best practice guides 
  • Platform ‘how-to’ guides
  • Helpful articles & industry research

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Creator Community

Meet The Creator Pros

Our Creator Pros are design innovators, trailblazers, and technical engineers. They are here to assist you with your design, content, tech, and support needs.

What Design Services Can Do For You

Digital marketing is rapidly expanding every year. To stay on top, brands have to keep their marketing strategy agile. This means creating new and innovative content designed to engage their customers and drive conversions. Design Services helps brands in multiple ways depending on their business needs, whether by creating an entire campaign or helping hand when time and internal resources are restricted. Talk to your CSM about utilizing Design Services. 

resource constraints

Internal resource constraints

When brands don't have the internal resources to launch additional campaigns, Design Services helps them leverage Creator's full power across their entire site.

Reduce Costs and resources

Keep costs low

Design Services is only a fraction of the cost when brands want to reduce using an external agency or don't want to increase the expensive internal headcount.

quick turn around

Requires a quick turnaround

Design Services reacts quickly and supports brands when unpredictable events alter marketing calendars, and business objectives change.

specialist knowledge

Lack of specialist knowledge

Design Services has the technical know-how and industry expertise when brands don't have the internal specialists to develop and launch outstanding digital experiences.

Website performance

Performance Services

Keeping your Core Web Vital assessment stats high plays a significant role in search engine rankings, which means it's a priority for every website.

We provide Performance Services which include a a comprehensive report and ongoing consulting packages. 

The report goes beyond shining a light on areas that need improvement today: it’s an educational guide that will help you get where you need to be and stay there (and we’ll be around to help out along the way).

Talk to you Customer Success Manager (CSM) to schedule your free Perforamce consultation.

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Website performance

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