Creator—NEW Features & Capabilities

Zmags is revolutionizing how consumers experience digital commerce. Creator customers are transforming static web pages into interactive digital experiences—in a fraction of the time with this no-code platform.

Drive 100% more revenue with Creator-built digital content.

Create more. Convert faster.


"We drive 2Xs the return on ad spend (ROAS) from cold audiences when directing them to rich, Creator-built content on our site."
—Amy Simcock, Finisterre


Create web content 90% faster with Design File Conversion

Website content creation just got easier!

Announcing Design File Conversion—now users can import existing PSD design files into Creator Experiences. Then, add interactivity and shoppability, and publish to sites in minutes without coding.

  • Cut agency costs by 50% with Creator’s no-code solution
  • Merchandise static digital assets to engaging digital content 4X faster
  • Keep you design workflow + save weeks of coding content


Empower your team & increase creative output by 380%

Layer, Lock, Hide

NEW! Creator's visual design tools just got better—the interface now enables users to design web content with layers that have the ability to lock and hide.

The Creator user interface provides the features creative professionals need. Design rich, digital content with features your CMS doesn't have—animation, image cropping, layer-lock & hide, rulers, guidelines, snapping & more.

"I love the new design elements in Creator with the new layer, lock, and hide features. I can design about 40% faster."
—Ashley Inman, Trina Turk


Save time with custom tab order for ADA compatibility.

Built-in optimization and accessibility features

Utilize Creator's features & capabilities to improve SEO and comply with ADA & WCAG Guidelines—with alt attributes, live text, header tags, and NOW customize your tab order.

NEW Tab Order Widget allows Creator users to customize how screen readers engage with their digital experiences. It is now easier to engage all your audience with rich, digital content while being ADA compatible.

eBook: Untangling Website Accessibility Under the ADA

Understand how companies reduce their risk of not being ADA compliant. Download eBook


Expand your digital content possibilities with more flexibility.

"Now with the new HTML widget, we have even more design possibilities. We can quickly add custom elements like a countdown timer for holiday promotions or content from our UGC platform.”
—Steven Martin, Conn’s HomePlus

NEW HTML Embed Widget allows users to add external content to experiences. Get even more flexibility to create. Customers are already:

  • Building brand trust & engagement with embedded user-generated content (UGC). 
  • Converting more with website forms.
  • Curating content from different marketing channels for campaigns.



Zmags customers see 79% faster load speeds.

Have you test-driven the NEW Creator?

Performance continues to be a key focus in optimizing Zmags Creator with new features and capabilities. Load speed for our customers is important for increasing their online business. Zmags uses the highest standard of benchmarks in the industry to help drive optimal performance with Creator.

Yottaa applauds Zmags' improved performance, citing Creator's ability to quickly load rich content.

YOTTAA's Performance Impact Guide

Check out YOTTAA's Performance Impact Guide ranking the load speed performance of the 500 most common 3rd party martech tools for eCommerce businesses.




Drive 100% more revenue with no-code digital content—quizzes, buying guides, holiday promotion pages, interactive banners, and more.

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