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Interactivity, Flexibility, and Agility: Rethink Magento with Creator

Drive eCommerce growth like never before with the combined power of Magento and Creator. Transform static webpages to interactive digital experiences - in a fraction of the time it takes you today, without coding. 

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These are just a few of the brands enhancing their digital experience strategy with the only digital solution built to seamlessly integrate with Magento.

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An eCommerce partnership made to engage customers and drive revenue

In less than 60 minutes get started on transforming what you thought was possible with Page Builder. Say hello to template-free, no-compromise-necessary, digital experience creation that removes developers and coding from the process. Your marketing team’s imagination can run wild as you add compelling interactivity to your site while driving more sales.  

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Get a Sneak Peek of Creator with Magento

Looking for more creative freedom when using Magento? Our Senior Solutions Engineer, Asafe, joined us for a Creator Conversations to explain how using Creator with Magento can supercharge your digital experiences. 

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Jumpstart Page Builder

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Create, don't code.

With Creator's design file transformation capabilities create with any design tool, infuse with shoppability, then publish to your website in seconds. Magento plus Creator is the marketing dream team. 

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Drive conversions & engagement.

Generate eCommerce sales with digital experiences that shorten the path to purchase. Dynamic content your team can launch and optimize at any time.

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Save resources across the board.

Reduce the time and cost it takes to create and publish content by increasing the team's creative flexibility and eliminating reliance on the development team.

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A seamless integration.

Enjoy all of your existing eCommerce functionality and quickly fill your Page Builder created experiences with interactivity and shoppability using Creator. Users will have access to a lightweight snippet on their site's header or HTML widget that enables one-click publishing.

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Do more with Magento + Creator

Join Signature Hardware, J.McLaughlin, and other leading brands that use Creator with Page Builder daily. Get ahead by learning about their experiences and seeing their results.


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See how Creator can make building engaging, interactive experiences on Page Builder possible. 

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