Overcoming E-commerce Development Constraints in 2023

Rapidly improve site experience and eliminate reliance on limited technology

Customer Story: New York & Co.

By the numbers

600% lift in pageviews
400% increase in creative output
Reduced time to market from 3 months to a few hours

The Challenge

1_ NY & Co

Publishing new content across multiple channels quickly to remain competitive

New York & Co. (NY&C) prioritizes creativity and rich imagery, but updating the site rapidly to improve the experience for the customer and make it easier for them to buy was challenging due to reliance on feature-limited technology.

Like many other merchants, NY&C faces the added challenge that 67% of its weekly traffic coming from mobile devices, with 54% of this coming from smartphones rather than larger-screened tablets. Publishing new content and campaigns across channels and speeding time to market was vital to their success in a competitive market.

As a result, NY&C sought to refresh its content with a new build on the site every 8 to 10 weeks — which includes a new template, new images, and new site functionality. Each build required lengthy mock ups, approvals, testing, and reviews typically lasting three to four months. 

Taken together, these challenges meant that NY&C was increasingly finding that to be proactive — to capture shoppers with great creativity, in the moment — was starting to be an uphill struggle using its existing technology.

1_ NY & Co

The Solution

2_ NY & Co

Simplify the creation of any digital experience without reliance on coding or IT resources

Once NY&C discovered Creator — and its ability to simplify the creation of any digital web experience without reliance on coding or IT resources — the retailer thought it was time to put it to the test.

Initially, NY&C launched Creator on a NY&C exclusive project with SweetPea, a women’s apparel line. Paul Carroll, NY&C’s Vice President, Digital and eCommerce Creative, knew that SweetPea was going to want a special landing page for the photoshoot content. So he decided to use Creator for this campaign. He was amazed by how easy it all was. 

Now, website changes can be made, saved, and updated in minutes, taking NY&C’s time to market from a three month minimum to less than eight hours. Creator has freed up how Carroll and his team think about designing content.

2_ NY & Co

"It was like taking a straitjacket off. The platform is so creative, easy to use, intuitive, cleaner, and modern, and has no limitations. It's amazing."

Paul Carroll | Vice President, Digital & eCommerce

The Results

3_ NY & co

User experience and creative output that's ‘off the charts’

So, how did it do? The day after deployment, user experience was "off the charts." Between mobile and desktop, page views skyrocketed more than 600 percent in just the first four days. NY&C then expanded Creator to focus on multiple marketing campaigns, and again, each generated similar increases in page views.

Carroll indicated that with Creator, NY&C has increased creative output 400 percent and reduced time to market from three months to hours. More importantly, NY&C’s product launches have seen user engagement comparable to some of the biggest weekends in the retail calendar.

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3_ NY & co

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