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Customer Story: Lulu Guinness

By the numbers

4x more content launched
30% cost saved on 3rd parties

The Challenge

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Digital capabilities don’t always match innovative thinking

Lulu Guinness, the London-based bags, shoes, and accessories company celebrated their 30 year anniversary by continuing to develop and launch a range of products that are a mix of playful and functional.

Right away, the digital team ran into some obstacles. They’d come up with a fun concept to test, and quickly hit a wall. Dependent on external agencies to code interactive and storytelling experiences for the website, it would take weeks and thousands of pounds to try something new – that is, if it could be done at all.

Tayyaba Malik, Head of eCommerce at Lulu Guinness explains, “We’re an ambitious company with a clear view of how we want to interact with our customers online. However, our digital capabilities didn’t match our innovative thinking. We had to outsource development to an external agency and often they would come back and tell us they couldn’t deliver what we’d aspired to create. Even when they could, it would take weeks, and cost a lot of money.”

1_ Lulu

The Solution


A more flexible solution to pair with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

From day one Lulu Guinness has treasured close relationships with their customers – many of whom are deeply loyal. When founding the company, “dare to be different” was built into the company's DNA. Today, Creator™ by Zmags has freed the eCommerce team to live that vision each and every day.


"For most brands, the eCommerce team plays catch up trying to replicate the compelling experiences delivered in store...

At Lulu Guinness, we’re leading the way online because of Creator™. Our team uses Creator every day because there are no constraints on what we can build, and we can build it fast. It’s the perfect complement to our eCommerce platform."

Tayyaba Malik | Head of eCommerce

The Results

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Creative freedom to serve customers better

“Creator™ by Zmags is the perfect complement to Salesforce Commerce Cloud,” said Tayyaba Malik. “Every time we think of a new idea, we know Creator is the fastest way to make it an online reality. Unlike other technology we’ve purchased before, it is truly used every day. It has instilled incredible confidence for our creative team, and freed us to challenge the very notion of what we dream up as possible.”

No longer dependent on external development resources, the Lulu Guinness team is able to use video and animation to rapidly bring seasonal collections to life, and even spotlight fun pictures of their products in every day use by loyal customers from social platforms.

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