The Role Of Rich Content In The Shift To DTC

Customer Story: Foster Grant

The Challenge

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A new eCommerce direction

Foster Grant has been a pillar in the eyewear industry; but recently, the brand had undergone changes that required new technology solutions. In 2014 the brand branched out from a wholesale model to sell direct-to-consumer online. This meant building the eCommerce program from the ground up.

Foster Grant had to consider how to deliver a rich online shopping experience for their loyal consumer base. Being new to direct selling, the team wasn’t sure what experiences would resonate. And they had a small team with limited bandwidth. They discovered that changes to the website could take up to four weeks with all the inter-departmental back and forth between marketing and IT and required website downtime. Because of this convoluted process, website updates were locked into a bi-monthly schedule, limiting their ability to quickly test ideas or react to sales and trends. They needed to enable their small eCommerce team to rapidly create and change fantastic shopping experiences – rich, interactive, and perfectly on-brand – without time-consuming limitations.

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The Solution

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A streamlined production process

When the Foster Grant eCommerce team came across Creator™, they saw the potential of the tool for their unique situation. Using Creator’s Magento integration, they could create a dynamic customer journey that would absolutely delight their loyal base – without the usual limitations of a small team.

The effects of Creator on their workflow was immediately apparent. Before Creator, there was constant back-and-forth with marketing, development, and designers to produce content that was limited to static imagery and text. However, with Creator, a single person could design, edit, and publish all content. And that content could include rich features like animations, videos, or lightboxes. For a small team tasked with the enormous challenge of building on eCommerce customer journey from the ground up, this independence was everything. And because of this freedom, they could make updates to the website whenever they wanted, giving them the agility to react to flash sales or new trends.


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"Everything I do boils down to, 'does it save money,' and 'does it save us time?', and Creator has both of those triple-checked."

Corey Cantrell | Senior eCommerce Manager

The Results

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A rich D2C shopping experience

After almost a year of using the tool, Creator is now an integral part of Foster Grant’s processes. They have expanded their use of Creator throughout the website, from simple headers on every page to celebrity ambassador campaign pages. And these digital experiences are working together to deliver a shopping experience that is streamlined, interactive, and expertly reflects the Foster Grant brand.

With their newfound independence, agility, and creativity, the Foster Grant team is more equipped than ever to deliver a direct-to-consumer online experience that goes above and beyond.


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