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Driving Conversions and Engagement with Interactive Shoppable Emails

Customer Story: Cox & Cox

By the numbers

14% increase in click to open rate.
18% increase in conversion rate.
135% increase in clicks on shoppable image.

The Challenge

Finding a way to bring emails to life.

Cox & Cox logo and interactive email

Rigid email templates didn't allow for a seamless customer journey.

Cox & Cox is a British brand that provides unique homeware products with curated collections to inspire customers. They offer a combination of traditional and trendy decor for a timeless and effortless aesthetic.

As an existing Creator user, they already know the effectiveness of using multiple product hotspots on stunning lifestyle imagery to inspire customers. Their marketing team works closely to craft campaigns and brand messaging. However, outside of Covid-19 lockdown, click rates had begun to decline.

They recognized the need to stand apart from their competition. Ideally, they wanted a solution to apply the same interactive shoppable experience on their website to their emails for a consistent customer journey. When they were introduced to the Creator Interactive Email tool they knew they found the solution to that problem.

Cox & Cox logo and interactive email

The Solution

An interactive email tool that anyone on the team could use.

cox and cox image2-min

A natural progression from website to email.

With limited access to developers, bringing creative ideas to life was challenging. The competitive eCommerce world demands that brands react to new trends and consumer needs instantly; therefore waiting weeks for an interactive email to be created just wasn't an option.

As the Creator platform is easy to use, Cox & Cox didn't need to layer on any additional resources. Instead, they were able to spend 5 minutes adding the links to lifestyle image, press the 'copy code' button, then simply paste it into their ESP.

Creator's Interactive Email tool was a natural progression for Cox & Cox as it's worked brilliantly across their website in driving higher conversions and creating a consistent shopping journey.

"All of a sudden, this one image, which previously was just doing one job, is doing six or seven, which has been fabulous to provide customers with an easy way to purchase the items they want." Kate Sandell, CRM Manager at Cox & Cox.

Kate also said that customers often got in touch asking about the paint and products in the background of lifestyle imagery. The ability to add numerous product hotspots on one image means customers can purchase any item directly from the email, creating a seamless customer journey.

cox and cox image2-min

"I was looking for an interactive solution for a long time that was achievable without a developer. Creator has empowered us to use exciting interactive and shoppable elements without the need for additional resources or coding - it's been a gamechanger."

Kate Sandell | CRM Manager

The Results

Creating a consistent customer experience between website and email.

Cox and cox christmas tree email-min

Instantly more clicks and conversions.

Cox & Cox have been A/B split testing emails to see how Creator's multi-product hotspot images compared to the standard static images. On average, the emails with interactive content had an 18% increase in conversions, a 135% increase in click rates on an interactive hero image, and a 14% increase in click to open rates. Interactive email content has been proven to increase click-to-open rates consistently across the board. 

Cox & Cox is excited to launch their 'shop the tree' campaign in their emails. Every year, on their website, they have different curated 'shop the Christmas tree' collections, where customers can shop knowing that everything they purchase will work in tandem for a festive harmonious look.

This year Cox & Cox can provide this festive dream within emails, which customers have been shopping using hotspots on individual products within the same image.

The A/B split test results for the 'shop the Christmas tree' showed that the email with the interactive shoppable image had a 25% increased click to open rate, a 35% increased conversion rate, and generated 36% more orders. Visit the Cox & Cox website and see the creative ways they use interactive content to engage with customers. 

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Cox and cox christmas tree email-min

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