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The State of Ecommerce Content

July 6th, 2016 | 0 min. read

The State of Ecommerce Content Blog Feature

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We get asked a lot about industry benchmarks – what are retailers doing in regards to rich content? Is it a priority to create more content? Or is the emphasis on making existing content more interactive (embed videos, shoppability, animations, etc)? Or reducing the time & IT resources needed for rich content? Is UGC actually a content priority? The truth is, we know what our customers are doing, but the industry as a whole is seriously lacking data on the nuances of content and how retailers are tackling it. And we know it’s hard for retailers to make decisions when they have no points of reference for comparison. It’s frustrating, so we figured: why not do it ourselves? To get a pulse on the state of content, we’ve launched a brief survey, and we need feedback from retailers like YOU to help us make it a success. To show our appreciation, you’ll be the first to receive the whitepaper so you can see where you and your brand rank amongst your peers.