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{Webinar Recap} See Now, Buy Now Content

February 2nd, 2017 | 1 min. read

{Webinar Recap} See Now, Buy Now Content Blog Feature

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For New York Fashion Week Fall 2016, New York & Company VP of Ecommerce + Digital Creative Paul Carroll wanted to get ahead of a marketplace trend that was still relatively unexplored: See Now, Buy Now shoppable experiences. This content allows customers to purchase the Eva Mendes Salon Show collection within hours of hitting the runway, instead of months. During our latest Shoppable Content Forum webinar, he shared how he and his team did it.

See Now Buy Now - The Challenge

See Now Buy Now Content With Eva Mendes Within three hours of the final model walking the runway, their multimedia shoppable experience would be pushed live, and a mass email to over 3 million customers linking to it would be sent at exactly 9:00 PM. The key to See Now, Buy Now content is the instant accessibility – too much of a delay and the excitement and novelty of the experience is lost. The logistics of a fashion show are complicated enough. From coordinating between designers, merchandisers, marketers, event planners, and models, pulling off an event like this is a tall order. But if they did, they would solidify their place as industry innovators.

Runway to Revenue

  1. Pre-Show Prep – 1 week prior: Less than a week before the show, Paul built as much of the experience layout as he could in Creator, with placeholders for images.
  2. Runway Show Starts – 6:30 PM: With three cameras capturing video simultaneously, and fashion photographers snapping away, the event kicked off. Featuring 37 looks, the show lasts approximately 25 minutes.
  3. Edit + Upload Images – 7:30 PM: Paul received the edited jpegs from the photographers about an hour after the show. In Creator he uploaded them to the experience and overlaid quickviews.
  4. Edit + Upload Video – 8:40 PM: With time running out, Paul had 20 minutes to upload the five minute video to YouTube, then add the link widget within Creator.
  5. Publish Content + Send Email – 8:57 PM: With three minutes to spare, Paul was able to preview the experience on the page, and then push it live to the site. The email went out just as planned.
  6. Shop!


The average traffic a NY&C experience receives within its first week usually hovers around 25,000 views. Within 24 hours of pushing the NYFW Salon Show experience live, the runway video had gathered over 60,000 views. Looks were selling out in days, not weeks. And the brand was doing something that very few other brands could: providing a shoppable experience within hours of the live event wrapping. Want to learn more about New York & Company's See Now, Buy Now Experience, and how they built it? Check out the webinar replay here:  https://zmags.com/webinar-online-merchandising-success-nyc.html