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CMOs: Are You Paying Attention To Attention?

September 10th, 2015 | 0 min. read

CMOs: Are You Paying Attention To Attention? Blog Feature

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Measuring campaign performance against frequency of page views and impressions has long been the standard success (and value) metric for brands and advertisers. It’s a simple linear view that links a form of consumer engagement to ROI. Yet today’s modern marketers realize that measuring the success of a campaign is less about if people visit and more about how long they visit. It isn’t about measuring clicks. More importantly, it is about measuring engagement — the time people spend with digital experiences and the ways they interact with them.

Attention Metrics

What are attention metrics? Put simply, attention metrics represent recent efforts by marketers to find a more meaningful way to gauge how long a brand is holding a consumer’s attention and the quality of that engagement. They expand the focus from just the quantity of visits or clicks to the quality of those engagements and the depth to which content is consumed.

This article was first published on MarTech on September 10, 2015. Read the full article here.