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Creator Conversations: Overcoming 3 Common Email Marketing Challenges

January 11th, 2022 | 2 min. read

Creator Conversations: Overcoming 3 Common Email Marketing Challenges Blog Feature

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Struggling on how to maximize your email strategy? 

Join our Director of Product Management Allison Vernerey in this Creator Conversation for a rundown of the most common challenges and the steps to take to level up your email channel.

Challenge 1: Keep branding consistent across all channels. 

As email marketers, the first challenge we see is the need to your brand identity consistent and provide customers a journey that is coherent across all channels. 

🔥 Recommendation: Aim to easily repurpose content. 

Look for tools and opportunities to reuse your content, no matter the channel. For example, a tool that does both emails and content for your site so that customers can have that consistent experience without you having to do double the work. 

❌ Challenge 2: Need to create a lot of content quickly. 

Things move fast - there's always a new trend or a product launch around the corner. With that, you and your team need to create a lot content quickly and we know that's hard. 

🔥 Recommendation: Find low code or no code options. 

Try to tap into low code - or ideally no code - options that are going to free your from developer constraints. However, that doesn't mean removing the creativity from your campaigns and "templatizing" everything.  There are certainly tools out there that can let you be creative and are no code (like Creator!)

Challenge 3: Maximizing ROI with each email. 

Driving the most return possible is paramount with any campaign, but especially with email as you want to convert and keep those subscribers. 

🔥 Recommendation: Create the shortest path-to-purchase.

Focus on getting your customers to your website and to conversion in the shortest way possible. Reducing the path to purchase is the key to increasing your ROI. That means taking your customer directly from email to a specific product details page or a customized landing page, rather than a generic product list page. 

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