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Creativity, Richness and Speed at the Heart of the User Experience

August 27th, 2015 | 1 min. read

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Earlier this summer, New York & Company (NY&C) joined Zmags for the first in our “Master Marketer” webinar series. In the webinar, Paul Carroll, NY&C company’s vice president of digital and e-commerce creative, discussed how Zmags’ flagship product, Creator, has enabled his team to grab consumer attention, boost sales and reduce the cost of creating and publishing mission-critical digital experiences. Like many apparel retailers, NY&C uses a mix of online and in-store campaigns to sell its wares.

Prior to using Zmags, NY&C faced technical and process-based challenges in converting all of its assets to an online mobile environment. The result was a creatively limited user experience that didn’t work well, especially on mobile. One campaign with Zmags Creator for NY&C’s Sweet Pea apparel line convinced Carroll that the platform represented a simple way to put creative content and engaging experiences together. NY&C’s metrics that refer to goods “turning on a 2 or 3”– which means inventory is sold out in 2 or 3 weeks–were easily and repeatedly beaten. For example, the Sweat Pea line sold out in 0.7 weeks, an unprecedented amount of time of approximately 4 days. Since the initial engagement of using the Creator, NY&C’s website has had a 600 percent improvement in site views.

Listen to the webinar here to find out how NY&C achieved this level of success. We’ve outlined and expanded below five key takeaways from the discussion. This article was first published on CustomerThink.com on August 27, 2015. Read the full article here.