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Why Is Visual Search Increasing Customer Trust?

March 5th, 2019 | 1 min. read

Why Is Visual Search Increasing Customer Trust? Blog Feature

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In every relationship, trust is the most important factor. Consumers need to trust the quality and integrity of the brands they buy from in order to complete the buyer’s journey.  at a time when consumer distrust is on the rise in the eCommerce sphere, brands are quickly adjusting how they amend their customer relationships.  

A study from Intent Lab discovered that “For 24% of the respondents, this growing distrust in what they see online is due to the impression that promoted products show up first in visual search results, even when those products aren’t the best match for the search query. Roughly 16% of respondents believe visual search returns are created by paid social media influencers and 15% think they are created by brands and therefore biased.”  

However, “when shopping online for clothing or furniture, more than 85% of respondents respectively put more importance on visual information than text information.” With this information in mind, brands now need to understand how important trustworthy visual information is to the consumer.  

Visual Searches can take various forms, such as Google image results or images generated by image recognition software on consumers’ smartphones. Customers can even filter through products using visual filters. All forms of visual searching personalize the customer buying journey a little more.  

One way brands are minimizing the growing consumer distrust is through the value of visual searches. Visual searching seems to attract a younger consumer base while still appealing across generations. Forbes states, “Those looking for apparel and furniture cited visuals as preferable 85% of the time. Some categories ranked lower, with electronics coming in last, likely due to the importance of descriptive features.

Overall, visual information is preferred over text by at least 50% of respondents in all categories except for electronics, household goods, and wine and spirits.”   While increasing the validity of your visual search at the beginning of a customer’s journey, you should also adjust visual search throughout the process especially when consumers are comparing products.  

Marketers’ jobs are becoming increasingly harder to insure customer trust. By finding a balance between promotional and trustworthy visual search items, brands can increase their customer trust.