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The Secret To Driving Revenues: Make It Easy For Them To Buy

July 2nd, 2015 | 0 min. read

The Secret To Driving Revenues: Make It Easy For Them To Buy Blog Feature

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Consumers are time poor and use a vast variety of devices, and today, marketers have mere seconds to grab their attention. It is a world of glimpses and instant gratification, and getting customers to engage is harder than it has ever been.

But why are we trying to get them to engage? To get them to like you and read what you have to say — and browse through your products/services and fall in love. But behind this, ultimately, it is all about driving revenues. This is often looked at as a selfish endeavor, but in reality, making it easy to buy is a service marketers must deliver to customers. Time is more precious than ever, and consumers want their brands to make it easy for them to discover and buy what they want, when they want it. But it’s a tall order.

A recent study featured in Time magazine found that on average you get 15 seconds of consumers’ attention on a page before they move on, often off the site and off into cyberspace — drifting. If you can engage them, then you can extend this 15 seconds. If you can make them linger and get more involved, then you are more likely to make a sale. Read the full article at: MarTech