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Taking The Consumer To The Checkout In Rapid Fashion

June 19th, 2015 | 0 min. read

Taking The Consumer To The Checkout In Rapid Fashion Blog Feature

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There was a time when content was king, when content ruled the airwaves and was the hook by which brands fished for consumers. But today, content is a sprawling ocean, and consumers aren’t swimming in it; they are drowning in waves of undistinguishable content. Yet still, brands need to catch these people and reel them in — but they only have tiny windows of opportunity to do it: They have moments. And they have to make the moments matter. Time is a scarce resource to most people, and in a world awash with content, they no longer have time to really consume. Instead, any brand wanting to attract the attention of a putative customer needs to look at delivering “instant digital gratification” in that moment as they sail past. Read the full article at: MarTech