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Stay Above The Fold: 5 Reasons Your Emails Should Be Shoppable

May 20th, 2021 | 4 min. read

Stay Above The Fold: 5 Reasons Your Emails Should Be Shoppable Blog Feature

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It's simple enough - the more shoppable your email is, the more likely your customers will make a purchase. On average over 120 emails are sent and received in each inbox every day (according to a blog by TechJury). People sift through all that email noise which often leads to readers only briefly skimming (if you're lucky) or swiftly deleting anything that's not immediately engaging. So marketers are turning to new technologies and functionalities to differentiate emails and make them stand out. It's beyond finding a catchy subject line, using fun emojis, embedding cool gifs or videos – the status quo of email isn’t enough anymore.

The definition of Shoppable

Email is evolving exponentially as consumers prioritize virtual shopping, and brands worldwide are trying to catch up. This means brands need to make it as easy as possible for their customers to purchase their products. Marketers, especially those focused on email, now have a challenging task ahead of them – finding new ways to engage, interact and drive conversions through the once-reliable email channel. 


Here are 5 reasons you should be looking at making your emails interactive and shoppable.


1. Make your emails stand out from the crowd.

Email is a staple for all companies and brands looking to connect with customers. And customers, more now than ever, are shifting their habits to prioritize online and digital shopping experiences – that’s not going to go away. So if the focus of your email marketing team is to find new ways to make your emails stand out and create a better experience, then interactivity and shoppability are an obvious way to differentiate your brand from competitors. Creating a seamless, unique, and engaging buying journey that allows consumers to purchase their desired products quickly will ensure your brand’s emails make it through the dreaded inbox mass-delete sweep.


2. Your open rates and click-through rates aren’t where they should be.

Link every product in. your imageMany brands ramped up their email sends during the pandemic, presuming that the limitations on mobility and in-store shopping would force consumers to live and shop on devices to an unprecedented extent. Unfortunately, this led to a marketplace saturated with customer fatigue, affecting open and click-through rates. Finding ways to differentiate your messaging and shopping experience will become critical to standing out of those spam-filled inboxes.


3. Sustaining your customer's loyalty.

Due to the increase in online shopping and retailers expanding digital efforts, inboxes are jampacked with brands grasping at the opportunity to gain new customers. As a result, maintaining customer loyalty is a recognized priority for all email marketing experts. By focusing on segmentation and increased adoption of AI, you can get more relevant information in front of your audiences. But this alone isn't enough. Brands need to make sure that their content is exciting and interactive to make those continued conversions happen.


4. Resources are tight, and you need a no-coding-necessary solution.

Coding is time-consuming and, these days, unnecessary. Drag and drop is the way forward. But the problem with almost all email service providers is that they have static templates that restrain design and branding. Being able to design your entire email in a completely free-form way without coding is a game-changer. Going one step further, imagine being able to create it any way you want in Adobe Photoshop and just upload that design file without the need to waste time slicing up images, CTA and copy. This process cuts down on email design and development time, freeing up precious marketing resources.


5. Email needs to be driving more revenue, period. 

Driving revenue is more than a compelling subject line, engaging copy, attention-grabbing CTAs, list segmentation, and special discounts. It's about creating a direct path to purchase. Think about those hero images at the top of your email. Unfortunately, most just link to one URL or have to be sliced up so that separate items can be linked individually. This is not building a direct path to purchase that will drive revenue. 


To drive revenue, you need to grab your customer's attention by allowing them to interact with animations, the movements of gifs, and the ability to shop for every single product that you show. Hotspots are the only way forward. 


The solution to creating shoppable emails.

Weaponize shoppable emails to make your brand stand out from the crowd, improve open and click rates, maintain customer loyalty, open up resources and generate revenue by using the world's only genuinely interactive and shoppable email solution. Creator's Interactive Email tool enables marketers to design and merchandize emails like never before - link every product without limitations, free form design that no longer hinders branding, and animations the grasp your customer's attention. 


Making a brand's email shoppable and distinguishable within a saturated marketplace is an email marketer's ongoing battle. Creator's Interactive Email is the solution to help you achieve your goals. Interested in learning more about how Interactive Email can boost your email campaigns - click here