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What we do.

Creator is the industry leader in driving digital experience transformation.

We empower brands to turn static and conventional digital content into inspiring end-to-end brand experiences that drive revenue, captivate visitors, expand customer loyalty, and stand out among competitors.

Creator allows marketers to break free from templates, eliminate development dependencies, and avoid tech stack paralysis, all at a fraction of the time and cost of the status quo. Marketers never again have to compromise creative vision due to outdated functionality or resource limitations. Backed by an intuitive, best-in-class platform, and a team of creativity innovators in design, Creator brings digital experiences to life through limitless interactive possibilities.

About us2-1
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How we do it.

Our platform provides marketers with limitless ability to create rich, interactive, revenue-generating experiences quickly, and publish them in seconds, no coding necessary. Brands revolutionize how they bring their content journeys to life with Creator — within any tech stack and any existing workflow, without traditional technology and resource constraints.

Inspiring customers through interactive, innovative content experiences, brands can differentiate against competitors and break through all of the digital noise. Creator enables teams to drastically enhance the quality of their content and build stickier relationships with customers through engaging brand experiences that exponentially amplify revenue impact.

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Who we are.

We are the game-changers, the out-of-the-box thinkers, the innovators who won’t settle for good enough, and the ones who will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Our passion for helping our customers rethink the power and impact of their digital experiences is what drives us and inspires us, every day.

We are Creators.

You may know us as Zmags®


Zmags is our parent company, and the name under which we do all those legal, financial, and corporate tasks.

Zmags was founded in 2006 and was known as the industry leader helping brands transform their static catalogues to digital interactive experiences. Since then, our team and products have expanded to bring new solutions to the market, including Creator™ and the end-to-end digital Content Solution Suite. As expected, our brand has evolved over time to what it is today, and we’re now known as Creator by Zmags.


Be a Creator.

Join this dynamic team of the world’s most forward-thinking and creative powerhouses, who:

work hard

Work Hard

Clients trust us and our technology to create and deliver their most important digital experiences. We earn that trust, every day, through hard work and continuously enhancing our platform. We won't settle for "good enough".

have fun

Have Fun

We value and enjoy each other – working, playing, celebrating, and staying connected globally. Together, we are our most valuable asset.

give back

Give Back

We take social responsibility and service seriously. Giving back to the community near our HQ in Boston, as well as across the world, is important to us, and we're always looking for unique ways we can use our collective power for good. 

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